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How much does RH software cost?

To understand the amounts charged in the implementation of an HR management system, it is necessary to know all the benefits and advantages of the system.

The HR sector with technological changes has become one of the main sectors of a company for decision making in new hires, talent retention and people management, directly impacting the company's growth, increasing profitability.

How much does HR software cost x Advantages and benefits

The HR area manages several mechanical processes that can be automated through software, saving time and productivity, this automation allows the sector to act more in strategic decisions, impacting on a better work environment, promotions and fairer benefits, choosing people with skills for the right industries.

All these integrated processes improve the company's organizational climate.

Companies using artificial intelligence in HR software have automated processes by up to 60% or more, greatly increasing their profit margin.

The main asset of a company is intellectual capital, so companies that do not adapt to this new market reality, understanding the HR sector not as a cost center but as a strategic sector for decision making, will lose ground. for competitors.

According to Wikipedia about HR software

“Human resource management system (HRMS) or human resource information system (HRIS) is a form of software that combines various systems and processes to ensure easy management. of human resources, business processes and data.

Human resources software is used by companies to combine various necessary HR functions such as storing employee data, managing payroll, recruiting processes, organizational practices, administering benefits, and tracking attendance records.

It ensures that day-to-day human resources processes are manageable and easy to access.[citation needed] Merging human resources as a discipline and, in particular, its core HR activities and processes with the field of information technology." - Link for the article here

Get to know RHGestor

Our RHGestor platform is one of the most complete on the market.

Through the software, you can recruit the best talent, take care of the employee journey experience, retain and develop new talent and carry out all evaluation and data methodology for performance recognition.

Don't waste any more time with operational processes integrate all industries and information in the cloud:

Hire, evaluate and develop quickly and automatically.

Unlimited behavioral tests (DISC. Enneagram, Egogram etc).

Selection of the best candidates and resumes using the artificial intelligence system, has a history of the activities of each employee.

Positions and salaries.

360º evaluation.

Electronic management of GED documents.

Internal and external satisfaction surveys.

Control of vacation benefits, SESMT and CIPA.

There are several solutions on the market and prices may vary depending on the size of the companies and the needs of each one. Before hiring any service, it is very important to evaluate all the features and benefits that each system offers.

After-sales service and monitoring in the implementation of the system is essential for success, for each business model it is necessary to adapt the system and make the integrations between the areas of the HR sector so that they work in an integrated way.


The implementation of an HR software system in your company is essential to reduce working time with mechanical processes, assists in making the correct decision for people management, reducing costs with turnover, absenteeism.

Talent retention directly impacts productivity.

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